What is your WHY? Why are you a trainer?

What is your WHY? Why are you a trainer? A new year has begun and with it a new year as a coach. Today we would like to ask a very crucial question that can strengthen you personally and thus also your coaching behavior!


WHY you became a coach is crucial to you and your future as a coach. The better you know your WHY, the more precisely you can follow your future path as a trainer. Does your WHY match what you are doing now? Are you in the right performance range, in the right age group, in the right club?
We have written down some possible answers to the WHY for you. Maybe you'll find yourself there again!

I became a trainer because I...

... couldn't play football well enough myself but wanted to stick with it.
... want to be part of the larger football community.
... thereby getting attention from society.
... would like to convey educational and personal values.
... can't fulfill myself in my job and therefore try football.
...love to win.
... otherwise no one would have trained the team.
... I enjoy developing players.
…would like to become known through this.
... gain decision-making authority.
... want to be part of someone who makes it to the professional level.
... unfulfilled wishes as a player can now be achieved as a coach.
... must have done something in the social area for your professional life.
... am constantly faced with new challenges.
... wanted to do better than my trainers back then.
... so I can earn extra money.
... want to be a success coach.
... have football skills that I have to teach the players.

It may be that your WHY is made up of several factors and is weighted differently. This is completely normal and was the case with us too.

Think carefully about what your GOALS are and what your WHY is, because these should fit how and what you train so that you and your players can really develop optimally! Because is it just about you or also about your players? Only you can answer this question yourself.

As a trainer, you have strengths and preferences when it comes to certain training focuses. The next article on this topic will discuss which focus areas fit best into which age group and into which age range you fit best.

Photo: Steven Schaap, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International

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