Hi, my name is Tammo, I am one of the three founders of RESWITCH and this is the story of how our company came about:

For over 10 years now, I have been able to work as a coach on a variety of pitches and support players in their development. In 2017 I was in the privileged situation of training a team in a youth training center in Bavaria. I noticed with many players on this team that they don't perceive situations quickly or correctly and that it takes too long to implement an action. I was wondering what it could be.

At that time there was already a lot of talk about speed of action and game intelligence and these terms were quickly declared to be the success factors of footballers. The only problem is that these terms are not 100% clearly defined today and, more importantly, there is hardly anyone who can tell you as a trainer how exactly to train these skills.

So in 2017 I asked myself the question:

Tammo von RESWITCH

How can I explicitly train the skills of perception, decision-making and speed of action in training?

The solution to training these skills is so simple, simple and obvious that probably no one has thought of it before in several hundred years of football. We have printed training bibs with different symbols, numbers and letters and can therefore change the teams during a game situation by shouting.

Our first tests with a prototype proved us right, it works and coaches from professional, competitive and grassroots football regularly said: “Why didn’t I think of it myself…”

Our prototypes were initially yellow and blue and the name was initially switch it, which we then changed to RESWITCH

With RESWITCH we have now created a new training tool and a new training method that enables us coaches to train our players in the skills of perception, decision-making and speed of action in a very explicit yet practical way in football-specific games and exercises.

What has driven me since the beginning is my inner WHY. Why are we doing it? Our reason for this is that we can play a tiny part in ensuring that many youth players can be trained even better by their coaches in the future. That's why we implemented it in such a way that both competitive and recreational sports trainers can afford RESWITCH in order to ultimately reach as many players as possible.

Die ersten RESWITCH Leibchen in blau und gelb

I'm already proud that we not only receive positive feedback from the coaches, but also the coaches from their players. Thanks to the RESWITCH stimulus, training is more interesting and challenging than ever before. It's great that it's not just the players who benefit, but also the coaches themselves, because ultimately you'll be on the pitch to hear from the players and parents that they enjoy training with you and that they're developing further through you.

I wish you and your players much success!


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