Training concept

We have developed training bibs and matching goal markers that, in addition to different colors , also have different symbols , numbers and letters printed on them. This allows you as a coach to change team membership in a game situation.

Trainingsleibchen und Tormarkierungen mit den Kategorien Farbe (Rot gegen Weiß), Symbol (Raute gegen Kreis), Zahl (1 gegen 2).

Example: We play in 'Red against White'. You're wearing a red shirt. I'm wearing a white camisole. Our trainer now switches to the number category by shouting. A new situation arises:

Since we both have an A, we both play together now. This means that I am no longer allowed to attack you, but rather have to offer myself in free space. In this way we train speed of action and game intelligence. These are exactly the requirements we need in modern football.

These three skills are the key points of speed of action :

• Perceive

• Decide quickly

• Act correctly

Today it is more important than ever to have players who act quickly , because the action on the pitch has been reduced to a small area of ​​35x25 meters for the professionals. This means that players have to act under increasing space, time and opponent pressure .

We can describe players who solve these pressure situations quickly and correctly as game-intelligent . Coaches can already teach the players technique, tactics and speed. Now it is also possible to train speed of action and game intelligence in a completely new way.


Changing teams and changing situations

Situation RESWITCH im 2:2
Situation RESWITCH 2:2

In our initial situation we are playing in the color category. The red players play against the whites at the goal with the red goal markings. With the change of team affiliation “switch number” , the players with the two now play against the players with the one. The direction of play also changes for some players!

Ein Beispiel aus der Praxis

Wie genau kannst du RESWITCH einsetzen?

Einen tollen Mehrwert stellt RESWITCH in jedem Mannschaftstraining dar. Erstmalig haben TrainerInnen die Möglichkeit fussballspezifisches und spielnahes kognitives Training mit allen SpielerInnen zu trainieren. Das Beispiel zeigt eine Einführungsform in das Mannschaftstraining.

RESWITCH kannst Du im Individual- und Gruppentraining einsetzen. Auch mit wenigen SpielerInnen eignen sich die Leibchen, Tormarkierungen und Hütchen für ein abwechslungsreiches kognitives Training!