Football training bib for the demands of modern football

Improve cognitive skills

Improve your perception and make the right decision quickly!

The game gets faster

The ball contact time is getting shorter and shorter.

While it used to be 2.9 seconds, today it is 1.1 seconds

Players have to go through the cycle much faster:

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Studies prove the effectiveness of RESWITCH training

1. An increased speed of information processing

2. Better self-assessment of tactical behavior

3. Reduction of incorrect and omitted reactions

4. Increase in the frequency of correct responses

Coaches also observe that players perceive their surroundings better and make quicker decisions. There is greater motivation and more fun during RESWITCH training.

Zwei Spieler lachend in RESWITCH Leibchen


This is shown by the ball contact times in recent years. We have to prepare our players for modern football.

RESWITCH Funino im 3:3

RESWITCH creates new situations during the game

Your players learn to recognize situations more quickly during the game and to act correctly.

Our bestseller

Das RESWITCH Teamset
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RESWITCH Leibchen in weiß Vorderseite
RESWITCH Leibchen in rot Rückseite
RESWITCH Leibchen in weiß Rückseite
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RESWITCH team set “kicker edition”

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RESWITCH "kicker Edition" team set (size)
RESWITCH goal markers for crossbar or post (style)

12 Training bib made of breathable mesh material, 100% polyester (tear-resistant)

  • 6 red camisoles, each with individual variables
  • 6 white camisoles, each with individual variables
  • Two sizes: junior from U9 to U15 or senior from U16

A combination of symbol (diamond or circle), number (1 or 2) and letter (A or B) is printed on the front and back. Each individual camisole has an individual combination, which means that there are no duplicate camisoles in one set. 

2 goal markers with practical Velcro fastener for the goal crossbar made of robust, flexible textile (highly visible)

  • 1 red goal marker (A, circle, 2)
  • 1 white goal marker (B, diamond, 1)

Training principle: Depending on the symbol, color or number, the players play in a team. With the trainer's command (“Switch number” or “Switch color” or “Switch symbol”) you change the teams. This trains speed of action and game intelligence.  

Get started straight away with the STARTER MANUAL, which you will receive as a digital version with many forms of training!

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Das Reswitch Training in 90 Sekunden:

Situation RESWITCH im 2:2

RESWITCH game: Red vs. White

Situation RESWITCH 2:2

RESWITCH Game: Two against one

In our initial situation we are playing in the color category. The red players play against the whites at the goal with the red goal markings. With the change of team affiliation “switch number” , the players with the two now play against the players with the one.

That's what we offer

Cognitive football training

The space becomes smaller, the pressure to make decisions increases! We put players in new situations that they have to solve cognitively quickly.

Speed ​​of action

Training speed of action, but how? By creating new situations. This means that the players are constantly being asked to recognize situations.

Game intelligence

Solve difficult situations easily and correctly. This works through specific decision-making training and we put that in the foreground.

How exactly can you use RESWITCH for your training?

Use RESWITCH in individual, group training and team training . The possibilities are limitless.

Einen tollen Mehrwert stellt RESWITCH in jedem Mannschaftstraining dar. Erstmalig haben TrainerInnen die Möglichkeit fussballspezifisches und spielnahes kognitives Training mit allen SpielerInnen zu trainieren. Das Beispiel zeigt eine Einführungsform in das Mannschaftstraining.

RESWITCH kannst Du im Individual- und Gruppentraining einsetzen. Auch mit wenigen SpielerInnen eignen sich die Leibchen, Tormarkierungen und Hütchen für ein abwechslungsreiches kognitives Training!

Junge im RESWITCH Leibchen

Our training method

With our RESWITCH training method you can train your players' perception and decision-making skills in a sport-specific and playful way.

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