RESWITCH coaching team opens

We would like to introduce you to someone!

But first, briefly why and what's behind it: We would like to provide you with more training units in the future. To this end, we are now working with selected trainers who will regularly introduce you to new units in the future.

Our team of trainers, which is still small, will meet regularly to discuss the training sessions we have created and to improve through feedback from the other trainers. But RESWITCH-spanning topics are also on the program and will be presented and discussed.
And why are we doing this? In addition to the new forms of training, we want to take advantage of the opportunity to train each other. Everyone has knowledge and experience. When this is shared, new and greater things arise for each individual!
So, now to Alex:

Alex Verdieck

We are pleased to introduce Alex, a sports and football crazy coach.

Alex is 26, has the B license and has already had some experience as a trainer. Since he has already worked as a coach from the G-youth to the B-youth, he has a great wealth of experience in age-appropriate training. Since this season he has been the head coach of the U14 team at FC Eintracht Norderstedt, which plays in the regional league. He also studies movement science at the University of Hamburg.
So predestined for our coaching group. Welcome!

And of course right at the start, Alex's first exercise for you! Topic: Pre-orientation before the passing game!
How does it work? Here you can easily view them and download them for your training:

Author. Tammo Neubauer