RESWITCH meets kicker!

We are pleased to have found a new partner in kicker .

In the future, kicker will not only report regularly about us in its sports magazine and online, but will also give you exercises and tips for cognitive training. What simply belongs together comes together. Theory and practice combined with exciting tips, tricks and hacks that will help you in your work as a trainer.

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You can find the first RESWITCH article in kicker at the following link:

We have also optimized the design of our camisoles, making them even easier to see.

We would be happy to bring you and your expertise on board as part of the partnership . Do you have a cool RESWITCH training form that you would like to share with other trainers? Then send it to us and maybe you will soon find your training form as “Exercise of the Month” in kicker or on our homepage.

That's how it's done:

  1. Create your exercise in the RESWITCH graphic tool from “easy2coach” 🡪
  2. Download the exercise or take a screenshot
  3. Send us your favorite exercise to
  4. Optional: Explain the form of training in a short video post.
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You are welcome to try out the exercise again with your team beforehand, film it and upload it to Facebook / Instagram yourself or send it to us and we will then share it via our channels. Now use #reswitch and #createspecialplayers in your posts so that the #reswitchcommunity can find your posts in the future and be inspired by your posts. In the following video you will find first impressions of training with the new bibs.

We wish you a good start to the second half of the season and look forward to getting to know you in more detail in an interview soon. Sporty greetings,
Your RESWITCH team

Author: Tammo Neubauer

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